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IFM Investors confirms UK Govt MOU

Staff Writer28 November 2023
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Industry funds-backed IFM Investors has confirmed reports that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UK Government to invest £10 billion in the UK by 2027.

Reports of the arrangement became public overnight with IFM Investors saying the MOU is between it and the UK Department of Business and Trade.

It said the objectives of the MoU are to drive IFM’s investment in the UK across large-scale infrastructure and energy transition projects by working with the government to identify commercially viable opportunities for investment.

“It reflects the appetite of IFM and Australian ‘super funds’ to invest in the UK market,” it said.

It said IFM Investors opened an office in London in 2006 and is continuing to grow its presence in the UK, including through infrastructure equity and debt, such as IFM’s infrastructure portfolio’s investments in major UK toll roads, utilities and airports, and IFM’s extensive portfolio of loans to UK-based infrastructure and energy transition businesses and projects.

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