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Squizzy is a satirical look at the personalities and companies which make up the Australian financial services market.

Squizzy is always on the lookout for amusing anecdotes from the industry and welcomes hearing any rumours or gossip about who is doing what and to whom.

Graphic of figure at lectern with things thrown at them

Hosing on Scotty’s Budget push

Squizzy 30 March 2022 No Comments

The ACTU has sought to dampen the Government’s Budget push with a campaign of its own.

Ugg Boot kicking water

Giving Vladimir the Ugg boot treatment

Squizzy 29 March 2022 No Comments

Squizzy is bolder than Zurich and thinks Russia’s Vladimir Putin should be given the Ugg boot.

Austerity finished stamp

Making Contango’s Marty more comfortable

Squizzy 24 March 2022 No Comments

Contango Asset Management CEO, Marty Switzer, has emerged from COVID-19 remuneration austerity.

APRA executive team

APRA: Do as I say, not as I do

Squizzy 28 January 2022 No Comments

Squizzy is not sure APRA is setting an example superannuation funds should want to follow.

Stockmarket crash news

Just about nearly worried

Squizzy 21 January 2022 No Comments

Squizzy is just about nearly worried about a stockmarket crash.

Graphic with camels and men walking through desert

Is FASEA’s last message lost in time?

Squizzy 3 January 2022 No Comments

FASEA’s last message may be lost for all time.


Graphic with hands holding sign with Lead By Example written

Indy Singh leading from the front on FASEA exam

Squizzy | 21 December 2021Indy Singh leads by example by sitting and passing the FASEA exam.
Man providing breath test for police

Who needs a driver’s license in lockdown?

Mike Taylor | 1 September 2021Super fund CEO enjoying lockdown for the wrong reasons.
Revolving door of an office block

Cushy job or poisoned chalice?

Squizzy | 12 August 2021Squizzy has been reporting about the Australian financial planning industry for more years than he would care to admit.
Man sitting on stairs holding back in pain on the phone

Super consulting during lockdown proves dangerous

Squizzy | 4 August 2021Squizzy has concluded that we are definitely living in dangerous times, and not just because of the Delta variant of COVID-19.
Conference graphic of headshots within connected gears

The 2021 conference season brought to a virtual end

Squizzy | 31 July 2021As Squizzy kicks off another week in lock-down he notes the number of invitations he has been receiving to attend events – virtual events, that is.
Gloss over varnish spray can graphic

Is any publicity really good publicity?

Squizzy | 15 July 2021In this, his inaugural fortnightly column, Squizzy offers a big shout-out to Bluechip media’s founder and chief executive, Carden Calder.