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Demographics and deglobalisation among key themes impacting investors

Oksana Patron 1 July 2022

The four major global forces “Four D’s” impacting investment decision and allocations in the coming years will be demographics, debt, deglobalisation and disruptive technologies, according to Pengana.

Bradley Amoils, US-based fund manager for the Pengana Axiom International Ethical Funds, said these themes would represent longer term structural factors which would…


Concentrated portfolio of best ideas

Oksana Patron 1 July 2022


PM Capital

PM Capital Global Companies Fund

John Whelan (co-portfolio manager), Kevin Bertoli (co-portfolio manager)

Being open to discussions with people who have different views and the ability of reflecting on your own mistakes are one of the key features of a successful portfolio manager, according to…


Importance of diversity

Oksana Patron 1 July 2022 No Comments

According to Matt Reynolds, Financial Newswire’s Star Manager, the importance of diversity cannot be overstated.


A healthy balance between cynicism and naivety

Yasmine Masi 1 July 2022 No Comments

Earning a Star Managers recognition, Spheria’s triple-threat team credited a balanced approach to funds management as the recipe for success.

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ETF Securities appoints new BDM

Yasmine Masi 1 July 2022 No Comments

ETF Securities has appointed ex-financial planner, Arjun Shanker, as its new Melbourne-based Business Development Manager.


Patience and discipline

Oksana Patron 30 June 2022 No Comments

It is all about the discipline of the investment process, according to Jack Collopy who has been recognised as the Financial Newswire Star Managers.


Focus on fundamentals

Oksana Patron | 30 June 2022Focus on solid returns and not taking too much risk has helped Richard Ivers earn the Financial Newswire’s Star Manager recognition.

“Don’t miss the forest for the trees”

Yasmine Masi | 30 June 2022Not having a myopic view of the market has helped Anshu Sharma in his funds management career, culminating in a Star Managers recognition.

The ability to understand emotions of others

Oksana Patron | 30 June 2022Katana's Romano Sala Tenna, one of Financial Newswire Star Managers, said it was the ability to control emotions what makes a good manager.

Australia’s most consistent fund managers identified

Mike Taylor | 29 June 2022Australia's top 10 most consistently performing fund managers have been recognised as 'Star Managers" by Financial Newswire and SQM Research.

Collective effort

Oksana Patron | 29 June 2022Jean Christophe De Beaulieu has said that the Financial Newswire Star Manager title is a recognition of a large team effort.

Sticking to your best skill sets

Oksana Patron | 29 June 2022Rob Tucker has said the success of the fund he runs and being named as one of Financial Newswire’s Star Managers should be attributed very much to a t

Psychology and resilience

Oksana Patron | 29 June 2022Emma Fisher, who has been named the Financial Newswire’s Star Manager, has said being a good portfolio manager is about making the right decisions wit

Janus Henderson adds EM debt team

Oksana Patron | 29 June 2022Janus Henderson has announced the addition of EM debt team of four portfolio managers into its global fixed income platform.