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Platforms, Wraps and Advice Technology 2023: Finding the sweet spot – where is the profit in wealth management?

Financial advisers have rarely been busier, but licensees are still struggling to make their wealth management businesses do more than break-even. So where is the profit sweet spot and how do you find it? 

As the Government continues to digest the Quality of Advice Review recommendations, Financial Newswire’s Platforms, Wraps and Advice Technology Conference 2023 will forensically examine this question drawing on the insights of licensees, advisers, platforms, fintech providers and consultants.

Who should attend? Financial Advisers*, Licensees, Stockbrokers, Platform Providers, Fintech Providers, Consultants


*Registered Financial Advisers can receive discounted conference admission on request. Please contact Yasmine Masi ()


Chateau Elan at the Vintage
Vintage Drive, Rothbury NSW 2320


Wed 17 May – Fri 19 May, 2023

Wednesday 17th May: 12.30 pm Golf (Optional)

Thursday 18th May: Conference Day 1

Friday 19th May: Conference Day 2





11:30 am

Golf check-in
Lobby of Chateau Elan at the Vintage, Rothbury

12:10 pm

Golf tee-off

5:30 pm

Networking Drinks




8:30 am

Registrations open

9:00 am

Chairperson’s Introductory Remarks

  • Mike Taylor, Managing Editor and Publisher, Financial Newswire

9:10 am

Keynote: A holistic approach towards client best interest

In a rapidly changing financial advice landscape, it’s more important than ever for advisers to choose the right platform to serve their clients’ best interests. Join Recep Peker, an industry expert and the founder of SuitabilityHub, as he explores the latest trends in the platform industry and the challenges facing advisers and providers.

During the session, you’ll learn about the shifting role of platforms, the areas where advisers require assistance, and the key factors to consider when choosing a platform.

Recep will also introduce SuitabilityHub, a cutting-edge research tool that provides unparalleled transparency and facilitates a holistic approach to assessing the suitability of platforms. Using the analysis from SuitabilityHub, you will gain valuable insights into the shape of the platform industry.

  • Recep Peker, Founder, SuitabilityHub

9:40 am

Keynote: Combining AI and HI the key to solving the platform transition conundrum

In this presentation, Padua co-founders & brother / sister duo Matthew Esler & Anne-Marie Esler, will be delving into the world of platform transition management. They shine the spotlight on one of the biggest issues facing platforms, wraps & master trusts today – the inability to effectively transition advised clients and funds. In this presentation, Matthew & Anne-Marie will provide the key to ensuring an effective transition management program, one which effectively combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence.

  • Matthew Esler, Co-Founder, Padua Solutions
  • Anne-Marie Esler, Co-Founder, Padua Solutions

10:25 am

Financial Advice Licensee Panel

  • With the FPA and AFA merger now resulting in the FAAA, how can licensees initiate a transition to their own lobbying group?
  • What will the impacts be on advisers, licensees and other key stakeholders if the current licensee lobbying model does change?


  • Darren Steinhardt, Managing Director, Infocus
  • Annick Donat, CEO, Clime Investment Management
  • Paul Harding-Davis, General Manager, AdviceIQ Partners

11:05 am

Morning Tea

11:25 am

Adviser Experience Pathway Panel

  • What is the fallout of the proposed pathway policy that has effectively polarised the industry and pitted the value of years of experience against academic qualifications?
  • What interpretations can be made about the proposal as a way to remediate advisers and other stakeholders affected by the FASEA regime?
  • It has been suggested that the pathway will open up the industry to a substantial number of advisers who could re-enter the profession. What will this mean for an industry that once suffered from mass exits and churn?


  • Judith Fox, CEO, Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association (SIAA)
  • Colin Williams, Principal, Wealth Data
  • Paul Harding-Davis, General Manager, AdviceIQ Partners
  • Jaime Johns, Former General Manager at Madison Financial Group
  • Inderjit Singh, Executive Chairman, Fiducian Group

12:10 pm

Ratings House Panel

  • With the majority of research and ratings houses travelling beyond traditional boundaries and into the funds management and product provider space, how can they address conflict of interest concerns?


  • Louis Christopher, CEO, SQM Research
  • Lorraine Robinson, Executive Director, Lonsec Research
  • Rick Di Cristoforo, Director of Research & Investment Products (AU/NZ), Morningstar
  • Bruce Murphy, Director, Insight Investment

12:50 pm

Networking Lunch

1:50 pm

Keynote: Digital Advice; Fools Gold or Hidden Treasure

As the industry, technology and client expectations change, organisations need to innovate to stay relevant.

Digital advice technology provides a tool for organisations looking to employ disruptive or sustaining innovation to help them enter advice, grow their customer base, or become more profitable.

In this keynote, we explore the role of digital advice in the wealth management industry and how this is being deployed into wealth management organisations.

  • Steve Davison, Chief Commercial Officer – Midwinter, Bravura Solutions Limited

2:20 pm

Managed Accounts Panel: How Managed Accounts are attacking the traditional investment management business model

Managed accounts change the dynamic of the investment management industry, the relative importance of the participants and the way in which the total revenue stream of the investment process is divided among the participants.


  • Toby Potter, Chair, Institute of Managed Account Professionals (IMAP)
  • James Mantella, Head of Strategy & Development – Adviser Transactions, Netwealth
  • Matthew Swieconek, Head of Investment Relations, Findex
  • David Dix, Head of Client Investment Services, Atrium Investment Management

3:00 pm

Afternoon Tea

3:20 pm

Advice Technology Panel

  • How can advice tech achieve ultimate interoperability across platforms, in an effort to help advisers streamline and simplify administration processes and focus more on their clients?
  • What are the up-and-coming developments in advice tech that are set to disrupt the space?
  • What can these new developments do to streamline the delivery, increase the quality, boost the affordability and expand the access to advice?


  • Matthew Esler, Co-Founder, Padua Solutions
  • Darren Steinhardt, Managing Director, Infocus
  • Steve Davison, Chief Commercial Officer – Midwinter, Bravura Solutions Limited

4:00 pm


  • Robby Southall, Executive Chairman (Financial Planning), Fiducian Group

4:30 pm

The Shape and Profitability of the Advice Sector


  • Mike Taylor, Managing Editor and Publisher, Financial Newswire
  • Colin Williams, Principal, Wealth Data

5:00 pm

Residential and Commercial Property Investment Keynote


  • Louis Christopher, CEO, SQM Research

5:30 pm

Closing Remarks and Day One Wrap-Up

7:00 pm

Networking Drinks

7:30 pm

Conference Dinner, brought to you by SS&C Technologies

  • Welcome speech by Shaun McKenna, Chief Revenue Officer, SS&C Technologies
  • Minute to Win It




9:00 am

Chairperson’s Introductory Remarks

  • Mike Taylor, Managing Editor and Publisher, Financial Newswire

9:10 am

Superannuation Panel

  • With several pre-Federal Budget submissions signalling massive changes to come for the superannuation industry, how will the key players deal with the inevitable fallout?
  • With the Government so far sticking to its guns to increase the concessional tax rate on super balances over $3 million to 30 per cent from July 2025, how can stakeholders cut through the noise and understand the real effects of this measure?
  • As super fund mergers continue to shrink the industry and consolidation seems never-ending, what will the inevitable concentration mean for members trying to get the best out of their super?


  • Russell Mason, Superannuation Lead, Deloitte
  • Ben Facer, Chief Strategy Officer, NGS Super
  • Jo-Anne Bloch, Non-Executive Director, Colonial First State

9:50 am

Industry Landscape Keynote

  • Sarah Brennan, Advisory Board, Investment Trends

10:20 am

Morning Tea

10:50 am

Digital Solutions Panel: Delivering quality, affordable advice to more Australians: let’s make it happen! 

  • We know that 4/5 Australians can’t or don’t access financial advice
  • We know that the world has digitised and improved the customer experience for almost everything, and advice is finally catching up
  • Providers are entering the market to address the gap
  • Trustees, banks, investment managers are undertaking strategic reviews on customer retention and engagement, and are looking at how they might provide better services and tools, including advice, noting the current limitations of the general advice framework and the pending QAR
  • AMP and KPMG reviewed the provider market to support B2B engagement and support for digital advice providers
  • Real pressure to deliver something, solutions are quite diverse and risks remain high for trustees especially with implementation
  • What do we need to do to get digital advice operational and addressing the gap?
  • How do we provide an end to end service to cater for all customers and across the advice value chain?


  • Jo-Anne Bloch, Non-Executive Director, Colonial First State
  • Matt Lawler, Head of Advice, AMP
  • Marianne Perkovic, Special Adviser, KPMG

11:30 am


  • Matthew Drennan, Chief Investment Officer & Head of Unit Linked Business, Zurich Australia

12:00 pm

Closing remarks and conference wrap-up

12:10 pm

Networking Lunch


Please contact Yasmine Masi, , to organise any last-minute registrations to attend the conference if available.


PRICE (ex. GST, incl. fees)

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Conference admission + golf


Conference admission + accommodation + golf

Conference admission + one night at Chateau Elan + golf – SOLD OUT!

Conference admission + one night at Crowne Plaza + golf

Conference admission + two nights at Chateau Elan + golf




Event tickets are available for nominated wealth management industry individuals such as fund managers, funds management executives, financial advisers, superannuation executives and their guests.

Suppliers to the industry (e.g. solution providers to the banking, insurance and wealth management industry) must contact the Financial Newswire team for more information on vendor participation.

For more information, please contact Amelia King via or +61 407 702 765.


Please contact Yasmine Masi, , to organise any last-minute registrations to attend the conference if available.