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AMP, Insignia and Count top adviser numbers

Mike Taylor8 March 2024

Count Limited has become Australia’s third-largest financial advice group by adviser numbers following its acquisition of Diverger, according to the latest analysis from WealthData.

According to WealthData director, Colin Williams Count still sits behind AMP Limited and Insignia Financial but the situation will change when Godfrey Pembroke advisers come off Insignia’s numbers.

“Count is showing a total of 731 Advisers across the licensees,” he said. “However, the group is at 730, as one adviser is authorised at two Count licensees. Insignia is at 784 with 54 sitting at Godfrey Pembroke. If the Godfrey Pembroke advisers leave, that would put Insignia at 730 and be equal to Count.”

“Insignia do have a far greater number of advisers authorised to offer investments via a wrap at 779, versus Count at 578. This is mostly due to Count owning Merit Wealth who have a total of 142 advisers, but only 16 that can offer investments via wrap. Most advisers at Merit Wealth would be specialist SMSF advisers.”

Key Adviser Movements This Week:

  • Net change of advisers zero
  • Current number of advisers at 15,625
  • Net Change of +11 for Calendar 2024 YTD
  • Net Change Financial YTD +71
  • 34 Licensee Owners had net gains of 51 advisers
  • 26 Licensee Owners had net losses for (-48) advisers
  • 1 new and 1 licensee recommencing. 4 ceased
  • 8 New entrants.
  • Number of advisers active this week, appointed / resigned: 99.

Growth This Week – Licensee Owners

  • Insignia had the greatest gain for the week, up by 5. This was driven by Insignia’s RI Advice appointing 4 advisers from Millennium 3, which is now owned by WT Financial Group
  • Three licensee owners up by net four:
    • Shaw and Partners continue their growth with 4 advisers joining from Morgan Stanley – the advisers are still showing as authorised at Morgan Stanley. We suspect they will cease at Morgan Stanley in the next week or so. Licensees have 30 days to register appointments and resignations.
    • A new licensee commenced with 4 advisers who left Interpac, owned by Sequoia
    • Count up by net 4, driven by appointing 5 advisers from AMP Financial Planning
  • Ord Minnett up by 3, all being new entrants
  • Three licensee owners up by net 2 each including Centrepoint who gained 2 advisers from different licensees
  • 25 licensee owners up by net 1 each including Perpetual, Koda, Fiducian and AAN Wealth.

Losses This Week – Licensee Owners

  • AMP Group down by (-8). As mentioned earlier, they lost 5 advisers to Count
  • Sequoia down by (-7). A rare big weekly loss for the group. Losses driven by the 4 advisers who commenced their own licensee (mentioned above) and 2 advisers to GPS now owned by Count
  • WT Financial Group down by (-4). As highlighted above, losing 4 from Millennium 3, which they purchased from Insignia just prior to the close of 2023.
  • Telstra down by (-3), none showing as being appointed elsewhere
  • Four licensee owners down by (-2) including Clime Group (Madison), Findex and Fortnum.
  • 18 licensee owners down by (-1) each, including Picture Wealth and Beryllium Advisers.
Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Managing Editor/Publisher, Financial Newswire

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