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AI-powered ESG analytics platform on offer

Staff Writer27 November 2023
Green washing

With the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) making clear that greenwashing will remain high on its regulatory agenda, a UK player has come to market offering an AI-powered ESG analytics platform.

The company, GaiaLens, is comprised of a finance professions, technologists and academics, who provide data and intelligence to help fund managers and pension funds underpin their ESG investment approaches.

According to GaiaLens chief executive, Gordon Tveito-Duncan, the company collectives massive amounts of data form public sources and then generates proprietary ESG data derived from company annual reports and policy statements.

As well, the company has developed ESG scores for around 19,000 companies, what it deems ESG pillar scores, theme scores and factor level scores.

Tveito-Duncan said that GaiaLens also utilised news around ESG encompassing company coverage including articles and tweets and for each article or tweets, the model generated sentiment scores.

He said that the objective was to deliver clients a holistic view of what was going on.

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