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AMP links with Yodal on estate planning

Mike Taylor23 February 2024
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AMP Advice has taken another step in its strategy announcing a partnership with estate planning solutions company, Yodal, which will provide financial planning practices with access to Estate Planning capability.

Announcing the move, AMP said advice practices within its network would now be able to elect to incorporate the service, including Yodal’s practice-branded workflow solution as part of their offering to clients.

AMP is describing the arrangement as being part of its core offering to advice practices.

It said that by partnering with Yodal AMP was equipping practices with a market-leding solution that helped them manage intergenerational wealth transfers and plan for client succession.

Commenting on the initiative, AMP Advice group executive, Matt Lawler said the initiative aligned with AMP’s overarching vision to to deliver value to its practices and their clients.

Yodal is Brisbane-based company established by both lawyers and executives with a financial services background and markets itself as a solutions company that works alongside partners “to ensure their clients/customers/members wishes are honoured and their loved ones are protected”.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Managing Editor/Publisher, Financial Newswire

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1 month ago

Hopefully the advisers that had significant mental health issues after AMP illegally destroyed their businesses and families had their estate planning set up correctly.