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Financial adviser launches advice software challenger

Mike Taylor3 November 2023
Elan software team

A technology start-up founded by a West Australian financial adviser has emerged to challenge established players such as Xplan.

The financial planner, James Harper, has established Elan to launch a software package designed exclusively for financial advisers.

He said the cloud-based platform is designed to challenge legacy platforms and grew out of his experience as a financial adviser when he found that the available software was often expensive, difficult to use and clunky.

“Speaking with colleagues in the profession, it became clear that we could work more efficiently and deliver better outcomes for our clients if we had modern, innovative, scalable technology. That is when Elan was born,” Harper said.

He said Elan had a team of financial planning and software development experts dedicated to building and optimising world-class tools based on adviser and client needs.

“Our aim is to be the most innovative application on the market, with the lowest cost, while still providing users with a dedicated account manager to ensure they’re getting the most out of the platform,” Harper said.

“We are a small and agile company, and our software will continue to evolve as technology progresses and the QAR reforms are legislated.

A subscription to Elan is available for $195 per month and Elan offers organisations a 14-day free trial, inclusive of all available tools and a growing library of training and support assets.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Managing Editor/Publisher, Financial Newswire

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