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Praemium and Complii cement strategic partnership

Mike Taylor9 November 2023

Platform provider Praemium has entered into a strategic partnership with Complii Fintech Services to collaborate on offers and cross-selling.

Complii announced the strategic partnership today stating that partnership would result in a more cohesive technology and product integration, facilitating the smooth flow of information between the respective platforms.

The announcement noted that Praemium currently holds 2% of Complii’s shares.

It said the partnership would actively engage in cross referrals, encouraging clients to explore the services offered by both business “thereby expanding business opportunities and strengthening their strategic positioning in the marketplace”.

Commenting on the arrangement, Complii executive chairman, Craig Mason, said the partnership with Praemium would cement the company’s long-standing relationship.

“With closer platform integration and active referrals this collaboration will see the Complii Group acquire new customers cost effectively, significantly expanding our reach. Importantly, our existing customers will have access to an expanded suite of products and services, further enhancing their experience.”

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Managing Editor/Publisher, Financial Newswire

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