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Bell launches ESG-focused fund

Yasmine Masi30 November 2021
ESG investment

Global equities boutique manager, Bell Asset Management, has launched the Bell Global Sustainable Fund, an environmental, social and governance (ESG) focused fund for Australian retail and wholesale investors.

 A reflection of rising investor commitment to ESG issues like climate change and diversity and inclusion, the fund is an actively managed and concentrated portfolio of global equities that invests in 40 leading companies that incorporate ESG principles into their operations.

The fund provides both wholesale and retail investors with the opportunity for long-term capital growth through a retail offering, offering access to the firm’s history and expertise in building responsible investment portfolios.

“Since the establishment of Bell Asset Management in 2003, we have had a strong commitment to the integration of ESG across all our strategies and funds,” Ned Bell, Chief Investment Officer of Bell Asset Management, said.

“The launch of our Global Sustainable Fund is a natural progression for us as it is strongly supported by our investment style.

“With the rise of responsible investing in Australia, investors are increasingly seeking investments that reflect their values and goals to address a variety of pressing environment and social issues, including climate change, labour issues and governance.”

The fund incorporates Bell’s disciplined investment framework that is combined with broader ESG-specific activities, including ESG screening, active ESG analysis and engagement with the companies in portfolios.

“We believe integrating ESG factors into our investment process delivers superior long-term returns,” Bell said.

“As stewards of our client’s capital, active ownership and engagement is vital to not only the success of our investments but also is in the best interests of our investors. We actively engage with companies to understand ESG risks and to influence their behaviour on ESG matters.”

Research house, Zenith Investment Partners, also awarded the Bell Global Sustainable Fund a ‘Recommended’ rating in its initial review of the fund.

Bell Asset Management is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and is a member of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA).

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