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Evergreen delivers ‘Commended’ fund rating

Yasmine Masi22 February 2022
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Alternative investment research and ratings house, Evergreen, has awarded a ‘Commended’ rating to the iPartners Core Income fund for its offering of institutional-grade alternative assets to wholesale investors.

First launched in May 2021, the fund invests in a portfolio of iPartners co-investments, private credit, asset-backed securities, property finance, cash and several alternative funds and assets.

Angela Ashton, Founder and CEO of Evergreen, praised iPartners’ approach as “innovative” and presents a “powerful proposition for its target market”.

“It meets a pressing need for self-driven investors to generate income, when prevailing yields are low,” she said.

“The combination of these traits is attractive, providing a re-bundled basket of risks that offers access to the yields previously only available to institutional lenders.”

The fund offers investors opportunities for diversification and liquidity in their portfolios. Maximum individual asset weightings are 2.5 to five per cent of the total portfolio to reduce risk of concentration, and monthly redemptions are also offered.

In their rating, Evergreen said iPartners’ approach ensures all stakeholders have “skin in the game” to align the interests of staff, clients and investors. Despite the potential for certain conflicts of interest, Evergreen commended iPartners for its level of disclosure.

Targeting a return of six to eight per cent per year after fees, the fund has grown since its inception and contributes to the $130 million in funds under management for iPartners Funds Management, as of January 2022.

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