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HMC Capital announces energy fund appointment, Gillard to chair

Yasmine Masi8 May 2024
New appointment

HMC Capital has announced the Hon. Julia Gillard will chair HMC’s Energy Transition Fund in a presentation delivered at the 2024 Macquarie Australia Conference yesterday.

Set to launch in the next several months, the Energy Transition Fund will provide access to a portfolio of assets centred on the “energy value chain” including wind, solar, battery, bio-fuels and emerging technologies.

“I am excited and honoured to be appointed Chair of HMC’s Energy Transition Fund. Its design and HMC’s investment management capabilities will position the fund to be a genuine driver of Australia’s transition to zero net carbon by 2050,” the Hon. Julia Gillard said.

The manager’s presentation also said fund raising will begin in the second half of 2024, expecting up to $2 billion to be raised from institutional and wholesale investors.

“It is in our nation’s interests to better harness our abundant opportunities in solar, wind and other renewable sources of energy. In addition, our nation has made commitments to the world on combatting climate change, which we need to honour,” Gillard said.

“To create a clean energy future we must urgently unlock the full potential of private investment and business acumen. Based on HMC’s significant achievements to date, I have great confidence that the fund I will chair has the ability to make a genuine impact, while delivering for investors at the same time.

“As Prime Minister, I devoted a great deal of my and my government’s energy into fighting climate change and this new role is a continuation of that commitment.”


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