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Mercer cuts fees on indexed funds

Mike Taylor5 February 2024
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Mercer has joined the managers cutting fees as they enter 2024.

Mercer has told financial advisers it is reducing the management fees for its Mercer Indexed Diversified Funds effective form 1 February.

The reduction sees the management fees reduced from 0.30% a year to 0.22% a year.

The affected funds are the Mercer Index High Growth Fund, the Mercer Indexed Growth Fund, the Mercer Indexed Balanced Fund, the Mercer Indexed Moderate Fund and the Mercer Indexed Defensive Fund.

The move brings the fees being charged by Mercer into line with those of other managers.

The funds are available on BT Panorama, Asgard and the CFS Edge platforms.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Managing Editor/Publisher, Financial Newswire

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