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Munro launches Climate Change Leaders Fund

Yasmine Masi4 November 2021
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Munro Partners and Grant Samuel Funds Management (GSFM) have launched the Munro Climate Change Leaders Fund to offer Australian investors the opportunity to invest in the new decarbonised green economy.

 The fund provides investors with a portfolio of climate leader companies that help enable the decarbonisation of the planet and are best positioned to benefit from this structural change. It is offered in a managed fund for Australian retail investors.

Nick Griffin, founding partner and Chief Investment Officer at Munro Partners, said the fund allows Australian investors to focus their investment choices on of the most important economic trends today, and to invest in support of a path to a zero-carbon economy.

“We see Climate as the biggest opportunity since the internet and we believe we are just at the beginning of the next big S-curve – a sustainable decades-long growth trend.

“We aim to find those companies that are best positioned to win during this great global transition of decarbonisation,” he said.

The Munro Climate Change Leaders Fund will be co-managed by Griffin and James Tsinidis, Partner and Portfolio Manager, and distributed by GSFM in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“The team at Munro Partners has a 15-year solid track record of picking innovative investments and fast-growing companies throughout the world,” Damien McIntyre, CEO of GSFM said.

“They are skilled at identifying industries at the beginning of their s-curve and have outperformed over multiple market cycles. I’m confident that they will deliver on green decarbonising investments, and they have a track record in this space.”

Climate is also one of the major ‘Areas of Interest’ in the flagship, absolute return Munro Global Growth Fund and the relative return Munro Concentrated Global Growth Fund. The strategy has also been launched to Canadian investors in July through Canadian wealth management firm CI Global Asset Management and the CI Global Climate Leaders Fund.

The funds follow the four sub-trends of interest identified by Munro that reflect the world’s move toward the net-zero carbon emissions goal. These include companies at the forefront of clean and renewable energy, clean transport like electric vehicles, energy efficiency and circular economy like recycling and wastewater management.

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