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Introducing Auxilium, your tailored solution for empowering your client support with confidence.

Financial Newswire Contributor6 May 2024

Introducing Auxilium, your tailored solution for empowering your client support with confidence. Our proprietary platform technology, developed in-house, is the cornerstone of Auxilium’s capabilities, supported by Fiducian’s extensive 25-year expertise in the Australian financial advice sector. Specialising in offering personalised assistance to small AFSLs, we provide direct access to essential personnel.

Developed by advisers for advisers, Auxilium is a dynamic investment and superannuation platform solution, meticulously designed to adapt to your requirements and competitively priced to align with your practice needs. Our goal is to enhance productivity and amplify the value of advice. Rooted in a culture of close relationships and a small business ethos, our core values of integrity, trust, and expertise underscore our dedication to delivering a high level of service to all our partners. Expect a dedicated training and support representative to guide you through setting up your practice, training your team, and pinpointing key capabilities to empower your clients and maximise the potential of Auxilium.

We wholeheartedly believe in the significance of financial advice accessibility for all Australians. As part of our commitment, we prioritise delivering essential functionalities in an advice platform solution, streamlining your business operations, and instilling your clients with confidence in their financial future.

With a comprehensive array of technical and practice tools, the Auxilium platform streamlines manual tasks involved in implementing and servicing advice, freeing up more time for client engagement, business development, and personal pursuits.

Our investment offerings are diverse, catering to various appetites and preferences. Whether creating an SMA (Separately Managed Account) or constructing model portfolios, choose from a wide selection of SMAs or tailor your own portfolios to meet your clients’ needs. Auxilium boasts a broad investment menu, with over 400 Managed Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) spanning major asset classes.

Auxilium also features an extensive range of SMAs, including active and passive diversified portfolios and specialized sector portfolios. We regularly update our investment list, ensuring access to options with an Investment Grade rating from a reputable research house. Further enhancing efficiency, we offer custom-built SMAs to meet specific adviser and client requirements.

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Financial Newswire Contributor

Financial Newswire Contributor

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