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MetLife offers flood support to affected customers

Yasmine Raso8 March 2022
Ripped paper with Life Insurance written on it

Australian life insurance provider, MetLife Insurance Limited, announced it will support retail customers and their advisers who have been affected by the floods in Queensland and New South Wales by waiving premiums for three months.

The waiver is available for customers in flood-affected areas designated by the Australian Government Disaster Assist website. The waiver will be activated for the time between 22 February and 22 May 2022.

Meray El-Khoury, Chief Insurance Officer at MetLife, highlighted how the company will support advisers and their clients have experienced a severely difficult time in the last few years.

“For the second year in a row, these communities have been heavily affected by flooding and they need help now more than ever,” she said.

“Many clients are facing the challenge of flooding that is affecting their homes and livelihoods, coupled with COVID.

“We are offering clients piece of mind that they will continue to be covered by MetLife during this difficult time, providing financial relief as they deal with the current situation.

“In addition, we’re encouraging advisers and clients alike to access 360Health if they need extra support.”

The 360Health program will be useful for people displaced by the floods, as it provides a toolkit for clients, advisers and families to easily digitally access services and resources on health conditions.

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