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Indy Singh leading from the front on FASEA exam

Squizzy21 December 2021
Graphic with hands holding sign with Lead By Example written

Before we close out 2021, Squizzy would just like to give a bit shout out to his old mate, Fiducian’s executive chairman, Indy Singh.

In a year when a lot of top executives had plenty to say but little to do about passing the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) regime exam, Squizzy knows that Singh was not just talker, he was a walker and he passed.

Your humble correspondent is not sure how many other people of Indy’s experience and stature in the financial planning industry led by example by sitting and passing the exam but he reckons Singh has every reason to be proud of his achievement.

That said, Squizzy has heard no word from Fiducian central about Indy now saddling up to add another few bachelor degrees to his curriculum vitae, but there are times in your life when finessing your golf short game just needs to take priority.

Squizzy would be interested in hearing about any other executive types who have led from the front by passing the exam.

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