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Super consulting during lockdown proves dangerous

Squizzy4 August 2021
Man sitting on stairs holding back in pain on the phone

Squizzy has concluded that we are definitely living in dangerous times, and not just because of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

Squizzy has heard that two of the better-known consultants in the superannuation industry, Deloitte’s Russell Mason and Mercer’s Brian Zanker are a little the worse for wear after mishaps which, on the available evidence, may have involved hospital visits but had little do with the pandemic.

It seems that Mason might have fallen down his own stairs at his home in Sydney while Zanker may have had a close encounter of the worst kind with some furniture in his Gold Coast hinterland home.

Now, Squizzy knows that Mason is a teetotaler so his claims to losing his footing in the dark may or may not be true, whilst Zanker’s claims to have fallen over a chest of drawers may warrant further investigation given that armoires tend to be somewhat stationery objects.

In any case, Squizzy has seen Mason in a moon boot and a photograph of a battered Zanker, and he has concluded that no matter where you live these are dangerous times.

Stay safe out there.

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