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Who needs a driver’s license in lockdown?

Mike Taylor1 September 2021
Man providing breath test for police

Squizzy is not enjoying lockdown. Like most other people in the financial services industry he is enduring it, not enjoying it.

But he does know of one superannuation fund chief executive who, while not exactly enjoying lockdown, it enduring it with the smug satisfaction that things might have been worse.

No names, no pack drill but Squizzy is told that this particular CEO had actually experienced a run-in with the law which saw his driver’s license suspended for a number of months which, in normal times, would have made the execution of his role somewhat more difficult.

In fact, the superannuation industry being what it is, the whole experience might have been a bit embarrassing.

But, as things have turned out, lock-down and Sydney’s five kilometre travel limit have meant that the inability to drive anywhere has not been a particular burden for this chap and he is now looking forward to getting his license back, if only to reduce the wear on his shoe leather.

Squizzy, of course, has not resorted to the bottle help him through lockdown but Mrs Squizzy has had to hide the biscuit barrel.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Managing Editor/Publisher, Financial Newswire

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