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NZ Super expands data deal with Northern Trust

Patrick Buncsi7 June 2024
Data warehouse Northern Trust NZ Super Trust

Northern Trust (NT) has confirmed it has extended and expanded its existing data services contract with New Zealand’s sovereign wealth fund, NZ Super Fund.

The new deal, which upsizes the contract to include capabilities from Northern Trust’s Data Warehouse Solutions service, will support NZ Super Fund’s legacy overhaul as well as its data consolidation and scaling programs.

NT’s Data Warehouse Solutions boasts a full-suite, end-to-end data management service, able to aggregate data from multiple sources to a client-specific data warehouse hosted by Northern Trust.

“It also has interface, customisation, and data extraction features,” NT said.

“Data Warehouse Solutions was designed to normalise an evolving universe of providers and applications into a highly automated, fit-for-purpose data service.”

NZ Super Trust began its relationship with NT in 2007, with the provision of global custody and compliance monitoring services. In 2019, NT added its securities lending services.

Separately, Northern Trust Asset Management has also provided investment management services to the sovereign wealth fund since 2014.

NZ Super Fund’s head of data Technology Craig Cullen welcomed the expanded partnership, noting the NT solution would back the firm’s “data management and analytical ambitions”.

Cullen added: “While it is still early days in our programme, Northern Trust’s Data Warehouse Solutions have quickly and seamlessly integrated with the technologies established in our modern data stack.

“The combined solution improves resilience and supportability of data integration, with simplified and standardised data structure.

“This has made it easier to understand and work with the source data while improving data outcomes.”

The NZ Super Fund is the country’s universal superannuation scheme, investing government capital contributions to support the Government’s superannuation entitlements. The Fund currently manages around NZ$73.5 billion (AU$68.4 billion) in assets.

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